90 Watt Digital Laser (36"x24")

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90 Watt Digital Laser (36"x24")


The Digital Laser is a CO2 laser cutter and engraver with auto focus, 90Watt, RECI CO2 glass tube and a 36" x 24" Cutting area.
This machine is excellent for cutting and engraving: Cloth, leather, fur, acrylic, plexiglass, wooden board, plastic, rubber, bamboo, product, resin and other non-metal materials.

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 CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver With Auto Focus, 90W, RECI CO2 Glass Tube, Auto Focus, 36 inch x 24 inch (690-90W)

The machine is excellent for the following industries

 garment and leather, package and printing,advertisement decoration,building, upholster, art & crafts, gift, computer embroidery, paper product,acrylic board etc.

The following Item are included
1: Honeycomb Table
2:Water Chiller, CW3000
3: Exhaust Fan

4: Air Assist with Compressor
5: Auto Focus
6: Automatic Z Table, Full up/down table
7: Red Dot Point

Laser Power: 90W,  Min 80W, Max 100W
Work Area:  36”x24”
Full Machine Size:  59”x 42”x 43”
Driving System: Stepper Drives
Vertical Z Travel of Table:  about 8 inch
Cooling Mode: Water Cooling with Flow Protection
Controlling Software: DSP Control System, LaserWork
Compatible Software: CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop
Supported Graphic Format: BMP, JPG, PLT, DXF, AI
Engraving Speed: 0-54,000mm/min

Working Voltage: 110VAC
Net Weight: 185kg/410lbs

Packing size: 65" x 54" x 54"

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