Carving Creativity

The Digital Wood Carver is a revolutionary product allowing woodworkers to add creativity and detail to any project. With CNC router technology, your heirlooms will become unique, personal, and memorable to both you and those who receive them. 3D shapes, V-carving and pocketing text or figures are among the many details the Digital Wood Carver can do. Simple to operate, this computerized carver smoothly moves to the exact location to make whatever you desire. Program your own artwork, simply add text, or go freestyle to make your masterpieces. You are only limited by your imagination. Use the Digital Wood Carver and create woodworking detail like never before.

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Features and Benefits

· Large Machining Area (40”x24”)

· Fast & Smooth Timing Belt Drive (X&Y Axis)

· Rugged Linear Slide Bearings for Accurate and Smooth Motion

· Full Size Variable Soft Start Router

· Rock Solid Control System with the ability to add a 4th Axis

· Well Built Construction

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Text Box: Free router upgrade. (Hitachi)
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